Terry's Tip of the Month


TIP: Variable flame means lower bills!

Ask about this latest technology furnace released from Goodman. This furnace boasts 97+% efficient operation by using variable (modulating) flame technology, and a variable speed  (ECM) blower motor. This unit, matched with a Goodman DSXC A/C system will offer the Best in Communicating technology resulting in improved comfort in your home.

    You may also consider installing an Aprilaire Media filter. This will provide the filtration you need while easing the service interval of filter change outs.

    Also, you may be interested in having a UV light installed that is the latest in improving indoor air quality with air purification.

    Now is the time to consider a programmable thermostat, or a WiFi thermostat with remote access, in order to take advantage of energy savings when you are out of the house, travelling, or while you are sleeping.


    If you hear any noises that you haven't noticed before, give us a call and let the professionals at T J Air come over and take a look. Its better to check it out today, rather than wait for your in home comfort to be compromised.

    Call T J Air today to get a review of your present HVAC system. It may be the right time to update for the sake of efficiency!